To get to Vieques, you first need to fly to San Juan, Puerto Rico. From there you can either take a flight on a small plane directly to Vieques, or you can take a ferry ride to the island.

A number of small carriers offer flights from San Juan to Vieques. Fares are typically in the $150 range for a round trip. For a list of carriers that offer service to Vieques, click here and look under the "Airlines & Travel" listing.

The ferry ride to Vieques is considerably chapter - $3 per person, one way. Note, however, that it is about a 50 mile trip from San Juan to the ferry terminal. The passenger ferry accommodates only passengers and what they can carry, and the trip takes about 90 minutes. The cargo ferry can accommodate bicycles, pets, and automobiles. Travel time for the cargo ferry is approximately 2 hours. Click here for a ferry schedule.

A rental car or jeep is essential for getting to Cane Garden and for traveling around the island. It is recommended that you make rental reservations well in advance of your trip. For a list of automobile rental agencies that service Vieques, click here and look under the "Car & Scooter Rentals" listing.

The Cane Garden caretaker will meet you at the airport in Vieques upon your arrival and escort you to the property. Enjoy your stay!